For SiUX it is easy to monitor the availability and performance of Your websites or servers. We will tell You the reasons why monitoring as important as antivirus in Your computer or the backup of data of Your services.

We will tell You the reasons why monitoring just as important as the antivirus in Your computer or the backup of data of Your services.

Nepřicházíte about the money?

About the downtime of your website, and outages obvlivňující customer satisfaction to learn as the first

Maximize your turnover thanks to smart analysis of the data on its availability

Calculate what kind of investment to ensure the business risk you actually pay off

Fulfilling your contractor what he promised?

Hlidejte automatically the quality of service of your provider

Watch the trends of the customer experience and make correction in a timely manner!

Stay informed about the breach of supply contracts

You have your site under control?

Watch the customer experience of the 50+ sites in the CZECH republic, Europe and all over the Internet

Analyze trends and prepare for them in a timely manner

Take advantage of the smart system alerts, which you won't be bothered

Get alerts as you are accustomed to using SMS, email, Jabber, ICQ, Gtalk and other


Your site available?

Observed Your website is a smart decision.

Web sites and servers today are increasingly complex to create, and their management or maintenance, where each of its important parts to go wrong or cease to fulfil their original functionality. When that happens, you will be the first anyone will know. SiUX has a powerful infrastructure that automatically checks every minute whether Your site is accessible and running properly.

I want to know about it when something breaks!

We inform You via SMS, email, Jabber, ICQ, Gtalk, Slacku or HipChatu.

When anything happens, we will immediately inform you. You can get alerts about the error messages, WWW conditions, changes in the content, the time to connect and load the stand, ... Always check that You're unnecessarily disturb if e.g. one exceptional error. If Your page will once again vpořadku and without errors so we will inform You about this condition.

Your competition

Compare Your www site or the server with Your competition

SiUX will allow You to monitor Your competition and each other to compare and evaluate, so that they can be Your site more accessible and available to the user. Pomatujte that the speed of loading pages is Your konkureční pretty, by the users podvědomně perceive.


When something goes wrong we find out why this has happened

We analyze Your data and come up with a solution

If Your site something goes wrong or breaks, so ask why and how could this happen? SiUX will help You in the analysis of the problem by automatically starts the other tests that accurately identify the location of the problem and this by, for example, when an error connecting to the server, run a traceroute monitor, which will tell us where the problem is on the path from the users to Your website or server.

Keep tabs on Your site's performance

Everything arranged and in one place.

All of the tests that SiUX executes are stored and processed for easy and clear presentation for You. The Data are both graphically and text that will be displayed in Your account.

Monitor the types of sites

Your customers want to search, buy, subscribe.

It is important to monitor the types of sites, i.e., for example, main page, search, login, cart, e-shop, product catalog, product detail, ... of each type just one site that will help You take action to any remedy that you will first be informed.


A flexible and powerful system

SiUX is fully adapted to Your needs. It offers a wide range of different types of tests (tests of availability, security, validity, etc) and intervals of the measurements from the 5 seconds. (More detailed information about particular types of tests you will find in the price list.)

SiUX is fully adapted to Your needs. It offers a wide range of different types of tests (tests of availability, security, validity, etc) and the measurement intervals from 1 second. (More detailed information about particular types of tests you will find in the price list.)


Control points are located in various locations of the backbone network and the different types of connections provide an objective measure of the availability of Your services. Simple management, graphical data visualization and convenient management and administration reports contribute to a high user comfort.

Are You interested in the looks of the user interface of the system SiUX? Check out a few screenshots.

Measurement of the availability of the web pages of the practice

Progress of the measurement availability of the network services using a system of SiUX You closer to the following example: We measure the accessibility of the site www.vase-www-stranky.cz. System of measurement schedules, so ahead you will see, what point will be at any given moment of the measurement to perform.

A model example of measurement: interval 1 min.
Time Control point Result of the measurement action performed
10:00:05 Prague 200 OK
10:01:10 Pilsen 200 OK
10:02:15 Hradec Králové 610 Read timeout nothing is not sending
10:03:20 Česká Třebová 200 OK
10:04:25 Bratislava 200 OK
10:05:30 Hluboká nad Vltavou 620 Connect error ping test: Connect error
10:06:35 Paris 610 Read error sent e-mail about the error / failure
10:07:40 Camp 610 Read error sent SMS about the error / failure
10:08:45 London 200 OK sent an SMS to their failure

In that the measurement of the e-mail sends in the case of two consecutive errors, and SMS in case of three consecutive errors. Notification of all errors, whether or not they are sent, are recorded in the system and you can at any time see.