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Advantages of the system SiUX uses a number of major companies and internet projects in the CZECH republic and abroad. These include popular search engines, online stores and news sites.

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In the company Czech insurance company, I am responsible for online campaigns, as performance, as branded. In cooperation with colleagues then also the management of web and IT development. Initiation of negotiations took place at the beginning of April, already since the end of the fourth month of the monitoring tool SiUX actively use. For myself I can say that the us tool multiple times helped mainly to save a possible negative connotation, mainly due to the unavailability of the website. Thanks SiUXu we operationally manages to solve problems with a high priority to repair IT and prevent unnecessary waste of already purchased media. Last but not least, we managed to expose the hidden defects and problems on the servers, which caused greater than the acceptable response.

--- Marek Pavlik, Marketing specialist ---

todo, todo, todo, ...

--- Jaroslav Kábele, Director of internet services. projects again.cz ---

Without SiUXu get the traffic of a web server already, I cannot even imagine. Reveal hidden problems that would otherwise take effect to, for example, when a double burden. If nepípají SMS on the phone there is the certainty that the servers are fine and everything is running as intended

--- Radim Smička, the owner of the Bazoš.cz ---