Why monitoring?

Why is the system of SiUX a useful aid?

It pays to us to the monitoring servers to invest? What it will bring us? And is it even measuring availability so important?

If on these matters you are considering, it is just fine. And we will be glad, if to your questions you will get a response. Several arguments why on the measurement of the availability of at least consider, you will also find on this page.

Keep your website under control

No web site does not work as a perpetual motion machine. Much like your car needs regular checks and maintenance, in need of and your site thorough care.

Monitoring servers running SiUX guarantee you that your site, but also e-mail and other network services will be available, and will work the way they have.

the Loss of up to 1.6 billion of dollars per year may cause slowdown in the loading page on the 1s.


--- more on the study of the speed of loading web pages ---

Don't close to the visitors the doors in front of your nose

Competition in the global and the Czech internet is still hotting up, and many companies therefore spent a lot of time and resources to on your website to attract visitors. What, however, are investments to increase attendance, when it is an internet server for a few hours out of order?

System SiUX ensure that investment in developing and increasing traffic to your website will be truly effective and bring you the maximum profit. Visitors in addition will save you the frustrating experiences associated with the unavailability of your website.

Trust us

Guaranteed access from anywhere

Works connect to your site perfectly from your home and work computer? This is an excellent. But as it is with visitors from other parts of the republic, or even from abroad? Or with the visitors who use another type of connection?

Thanks to ten measuring points of the system SiUX you can be sure that your site is accessible from all types of connections, from all regions of the Czech republic but also from abroad.

In the company Czech insurance company, I am responsible for online campaigns, as performance, as branded. In cooperation with colleagues then also the management of web and IT development. Initiation of negotiations took place at the beginning of April, already since the end of the fourth month of the monitoring tool SiUX actively use. For myself I can say that the us tool multiple times helped mainly to save a possible negative connotation, mainly due to the unavailability of the website. Thanks SiUXu we operationally manages to solve problems with a high priority to repair IT and prevent unnecessary waste of already purchased media. Last but not least, we managed to expose the hidden defects and problems on the servers, which caused greater than the acceptable response.

--- Marek Pavlik, Marketing specialist ---